Minimalist lamp that can be easily transformed into different forms

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The minimalist lamp designed by Rowan Jackman shows how a simple piece of wood with a little creativity can be transformed into several different forms. It is constructed like a wooden rod and several sections printed on a 3D printer.

The floor lamp has built-in LED lamps and apart from the wood and the printed parts, it needs no additional support or glue. The wooden rods that constitute the lamp merge with 3D joints that hold them firmly. They can be placed in several different positions and shapes. The LED lights can be easily adapted to a stronger or softer ambient light.

minimalist-lamp-that-can-be-easily-transformed-into-different-forms minimalist-lamp-that-can-be-easily-transformed-into-different-forms3 minimalist-lamp-that-can-be-easily-transformed-into-different-forms4(Photo Credits: www.rowanjackmandesign.com)