Minimalist Reading Lamp – Lady LED

Lady LED by Omri Barzeev

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Lady LED by Omri Barzeev

Lady LED is a minimalist reading/table lamp designed by Israeli designer Omri Barzeev. This lamp uses three small but strong LED lights. Here is some information by the designer, “Combining materials in a new way, lead me to create Lady LED desk lamp. The low temperature of the LED enables to contact the three LED lights with a heat shrinking tube (the shrinking tube shrinks in diameter when heated) that functions both as a constructive and as a design feature holding the LED lights without any screws. The tube shrinks on the LED lights following the LED lights lines, in a natural soft way creating an elegant clean look. The legs of the lamp have two functions: holding the lamp, and as the movement mechanism to enable the lamp to move up and down and turn around, lighting in a wide range of angels.” Check out the pictures.

Lady LED reading lamp

Minimalist reading lamp design

lady LED table lamp close look

Three LED lights in Lady Lamp by Omri Barzeev

Lady LED reading lamp stand

Lady LED reading/table lamp by Omri Barzeev