OlympiQ by Studio Schrofer for Safretti

OlympiQ Grill and Firespace 1

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OlympiQ Grill and Firespace 1

OlympiQ is an outdoor grill and firespace designed by Studio Schrofer and produced by Dutch brand Safretti. The design is very efficient and futuristic. Following is some information from the designer, “The OlympiQ is heating up an outdoor revolution. Named for its torch-like appearance, the OlympiQ produces a flame, but no smoke; uses 2 ounces of wood instead of 2 kilos; and generates a powerful 5 kW of heat, enough for grilling and show cooking.

Using a high efficiency wood burn (Philips) technology, intended for rural populations in India and Africa, Schrofer incorporated this technology in a new barbeque design. This establishes a win-win situation for the environment and consumers.

OlympiQ Grill and Firespace 2

Efficient energy! A thermo-conductive Peltier-element transforms the heat to energy that recharges the batteries to the air flow motor, ensuring optimum wood burning and minimal residue.”

OlympiQ Grill and Firespace 3

OlympiQ Grill and Firespace 4

OlympiQ Grill and Firespace 5

OlympiQ Grill and Firespace 6

Image Courtesy: Studio Schrofer

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