Story Lamp by Ida Noemi and Vibeke Skar

Story Lamp 1

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Story Lamp 1

Story Lamp is a beautiful pendant lighting unit designed by Norwegian designer Ida Noemi and Vibeke Skar. In designer’s words, “Story creates a magical and warm atmosphere, as if taken straight out of a mysterious forest night with trolls and other mythical creatures. The pattern from knitted wool sweaters melts the icicle shaped form, creating a graceful expression.

The production of the pendant lamp mixes old craftsmanship methods with new technology. The porcelain is slip-casted and burnt, before the pattern is mounted on the curved surface and sandblasted to create the embossed look. These methods visualize the translucent quality in a beautiful way and keep the raw and authentic look of porcelain.

Story Lamp 2

Story Lamp 3

Story Lamp 4

Story Lamp 5

Story Lamp 6

Photos: Kaja Bruskeland

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