The Blossom Light by Ewa Sendecka

Blossom Light 1

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Blossom Light 1

The Blossom Light is a flexible lamp designed by Ewa Sendecka. In designer’s words, “Use your imagination and create your own lamp depending on your mood. Just modify your flexible lamp and invent new shapes! The number and order of connected modules is up to you. The lamp is built of four modules. The main construction is a flexible cable that keeps the shape after bending it (the same as used in microphones).

Thanks to that it is possible to hang the lamp or put it vertically on a base (formed with the cable). The light is emitted by LEDs. You can plug the lamp from the first or from the last module.”

Blossom Light 2

Blossom Light 3

Blossom Light 4

Blossom Light 5

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