The Fossil Lamp 1

The Fossil Lamp by Neil Conley

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The Fossil Lamp 1

Designer Neil Conley from Manchester UK has created The Fossil Lamp. The lamp is made from amberized borosilicate glass. It contains three metal connectors, a filament bulb and a touch sensitive dimmer switch. According to the designer, “Intended as living museum piece, the lamp is a preservation of Thomas Edition’s first truly reliable bulb, invented circa 1880. Resembling a fossil preserved in amber, the lamp demonstrates the transition of the filament from an object of fundamental functionality, to its place today as an icon of design heritage. A representation of the beauty of innovation, the bulb is now retired to a life behind glass, as a true industrial fossil.

The Fossil Lamp 2

Blown using laboratory glass production methods, with an amber finish ordinarily used to prevent the contents of chemical vases and drug vessels from deteriorating, the capsule form is a reference to the material’s scientific heritage. Whilst the finish itself enhances the notion of preservation.

The Fossil Lamp 3

The pulsing dimmer switch enables the user to ‘breath life’ back into the filaments, establishing the warmth and magnetism that sets traditional bulbs apart from many contemporary lighting solutions.”

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Image Courtesy: Neil Conley