The Living Light by Joon&Jung

The Living Light 1

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The Living Light 1

Dutch design studio Joon&Jung has designed this versatile hanging lamp called the Living Light. The lamp’s unique microchip controlled program changes the size of the lamp and amount of light according to the number of people standing below. The lamp blooms and emits brighter light when there are people under it. And when there is no one around, it goes into automatic energy saving mode. The lamp is hand crafted using natural materials.

The Living Light 2

In designer’s words, “By detecting the human presence in relation to the space around, the ‘Living Light’ blossoms into a big flower simultaneously increasing the amount of light, interactively welcoming the people to come together and communicate under its ambient blossom. Our algorithm for the specially programmed microchip is controlling the energy use and brightness of the light according to the presence of people, thus enabling the light to switch into energy saving mode when there is nobody around. The maximum brightness is about 1750 Lumen (equivalent to 220V 120W incandescent light bulb) whereas the overall energy consumption is but 15W for the ‘Living Light’.”

The Living Light 3

The Living Light 4

The Living Light 5

The Living Light 6

The Living Light 7

The Living Light 8

Photos: Studio Joon&Jung, Yu-Hun Kim

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