Unique Modern Table Lamps

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Your modern home has all the elements exuding up-to-date taste for the minimal, classy, 21st century vibes. But you’re missing just one perfect piece – a modern table lamp to complete the look. We’ve researched the best unique, modern table lamps across a variety of price points and styles to present to you some of our faves.

Aurelia Multi-Colored Jellyfish-Like LED Table Lamp

Aurelia Table lamp inspired by Moon Jellyfish 1

QisDesign, a Taiwan-based design studio has created the Aurelia lighting series. The LED table lamp is inspired by the beautiful underwater creature Aurelia, the Moon Jellyfish. The light evokes a sense of tranquility bordering on a trance state. According to the designer, “the energy-efficient LED lamp offers a delight for not only your eyes but also your sense of touch. With a three-way “touch ring” dimmer, it enables easy luminosity adjustment.

Glare is eliminated thanks to LED’s small-size characteristic, making it possible to hide the LEDs in the center. LED’s directional characteristic which lets the light reflect directly on the inner shade’s strips also helps create the translucent ambiance.”

Aurelia Table lamp inspired by Moon Jellyfish 2
Aurelia Table lamp inspired by Moon Jellyfish 3

Image Courtesy: QisDesign