Vader Lamp by Luca Nichetto for David Design

Vader Lamp 1

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Vader Lamp 1

Italian design studio Luca Nichetto has created the Vader Lamp in collaboration with Swedish firm David Design. The Vader lamp is a result of research in different ways to produce ceramics, starting from the little handmade productions up to highly engineered industrial productions.

Vader Lamp 2

According to the designer, “It’s been important to put all this research in a project for a scandinavian company interested in it and which gave the chance of a step further: its colours have been chosen thinking about scandinavian culture, but remind at the same time the designer’s venetian background. This led to the choice of a range of colours that’s the transposition of multiple layers tridimensional glass effects, lying on a big ceramic volume, cut in the middle and compressed on the sides. This compression creates two wide fissures in the material and allow the light to come out from the inside of the cut bulb.”

Vader Lamp 3

Image Courtesy: David Design

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