Versatile Table Lamp LOBOT by Jinseok Hwang

LOBOT desk lamp by studioLOBOt

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LOBOT desk lamp by studioLOBOt

LOBOT is a versatile desk lamp designed by Jinseok Hwang for Studio LOBOT. LOBOT means “Lighting” plus “Robot” as well as a “Robot” designed by “low tech”. LOBOT is a desk lamp with LED lighting source. Its simple design with anodized aluminum body will match with modern task environment. The body is designed to easily adjust and optimize for a particular task situation by well-engineered hinge system.

LOBOT desk lamp with comic look

LOBOT desk lamp

versatile LOBOT desk lamp

Unique LOBOT desk lamp

LOBOT desk lamp side view

Modern Light LOBOT desk lamp

Lobot desk lamp by Studio Lobot