A heart that keeps your bike safe

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The bike holder Heart faithfully reflects the love of the owner to his bike. This modern holder is made of twisted metal in a cute heart shape and has both practical and decorative role.

The metal heart, which can safely store your bike on a wall in the heart of your home was designed by the Czech designers team Hang Bike. The holder is simple, lightweight and stable. It can be easily mounted on the wall, and though it seems simple, it is designed to distribute the weight of the entire bicycle without danger of accidental falls. The holder can withstand weight up to 20 kg.

The shape resembles a heart and reflects the unique “love” that exists between the owner and his bike. At the same time, the form allows to easily  hang your bike in a straight horizontal line. Apart from the practical and functional role to save space in the home, the bike holder has a decorative role as well.

(Photo Credits: www.hangbike.com)

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