Camp Anywhere with Sealander Amphibious Caravan

Sealander Amphibious Caravan 1

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Sealander Amphibious Caravan 1

If you love camping and fishing then you should have one of these amphibious Sealander Caravans. The unique design of the caravan allows you to camp anywhere you like, even in water. The integrated waterproof chassis and the bowl shaped body provide high stability on the water. A low-emission electric motor propels the caravan which does not require any license to operate in inland waters. When done camping, you can simply plug the caravan to any regular towing vehicle and drive it on land.

Sealander Amphibious Caravan 2

The caravan has a completely removable roof which allows you to enjoy sunbathe, watch stars in the night, irrespective of whether you are on the land or water. The interior of the caravan features modular furniture arrangement which can be easily customized according to the need.

Sealander Amphibious Caravan 3

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