Contemporary Scandinavian decor by “ferm Living”

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Contemporary Scandinavian decor by ferm Living

With their minimalist aesthetics, delicate pastel colors and impeccable blend of geometric shapes, the products by “ferm Living” can be immediately associated with the Scandinavian design. The Danish company for furniture and decorative elements is strictly guided by the aesthetics and principles of Scandinavian style and geometric motifs.

In each of their pieces, whether they are curtains, decorative elements, practical baskets or boxes, clocks, wallpapers, decorative pillows and bedding, we can see a fusion of the Scandinavian style with small, minimalist graphic details with clean lines and soft colors. Every detail can easily fit into modern interiors, discreetly enriching them and bringing a soothing note in the interior.

Their product range is extensive and includes items for all areas in the home – wallpapers and stickers, illustrations and posters for the walls, pillows in different shapes and sizes, blankets, bedding and rugs, decorative elements and furniture. The company “ferm LIVING” pays special attention to children’s dreams and desires by creating a special collection for them.

For the production of the various products, “ferm LIVING” uses a wide range of materials such as organic cotton, recycled paper and leather, wood, porcelain and metal.

Contemporary Scandinavian decor by ferm Living1Contemporary Scandinavian decor by ferm Living2Contemporary Scandinavian decor by ferm Living3Contemporary Scandinavian decor by ferm Living4Contemporary Scandinavian decor by ferm Living5Contemporary Scandinavian decor by ferm Living6Contemporary Scandinavian decor by ferm Living7Contemporary Scandinavian decor by ferm Living8Contemporary Scandinavian decor by ferm Living9Contemporary Scandinavian decor by ferm Living10Contemporary Scandinavian decor by ferm Living11Contemporary Scandinavian decor by ferm Living12(Photo Credits: www.fermliving.com)



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