Creative Aquarium Bubble Tank by Psalt Design

Creative Aquarium Bubble Tank 1

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Creative Aquarium Bubble Tank 1

UK-based firm Psalt Design has created the Bubble Tank, a creative aquarium collection made by hand-blown glass. According to the designer, “Fish tanks and aquariums are often the main attraction in a room, however it is usually the fish themselves that are the focal point rather than the tank. The Bubble Tank aims to question this by creating a beautiful, as well as functional, product aimed to provoke a reaction, conversation or interaction between the owner and any guests.

Creative Aquarium Bubble Tank 2

Made from premium glass, handblown and slumped by a master glassblower each tank has it’s own unique form and individual characteristics. Our aim was not for cheap mass production but for a celebration of skill and craft that is represented in a truly unique product.”

Creative Aquarium Bubble Tank 3

Creative Aquarium Bubble Tank 4

Image Courtesy: Psalt Design


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