Grow Plants In Growing Units by Magi&Co

Growing Units by Magi&Co 1

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Growing Units by Magi&Co 1

Finnish firm Magi&Co has created Growing Units, containers made from recycled materials in which you can grow plants. The containers have in-built light which helps for photosynthesis process, water and plant nutrients. The containers designed to enable us all to grow everything from vegetables and herbs to decorative flowers and life-changing greens all year around within arm’s reach. The Growing Units are available in variety of sizes.

Growing Units by Magi&Co 2

Here is some information by the designer, “As a team of food enthusiasts, we wanted to create products that would enable us to easily grow our own herbs and other food even during the dark and freezing Finnish winters. We wanted the products to be functional, but to be designed with a touch of playfulness and fun generally absent from gardening equipment.”

Growing Units by Magi&Co 3

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