Vanzha: awesome next generation self-watering planters

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With the idea of bringing back the house plants in every home Vanzha created an awesome solution for every plant lover. Since living space has decreased over the last few decades house planters became a rare thing. That’s why Vadzha created innovative and fun self-watering planters that will bring plants back in our urban lifestyle.

Vanzha is an innovative modular system that can be easily attached to the walls so fit in any home.  The system includes a solution for not needing to water the plants every other day. It includes a fantastically designed hanging system with rod, brackets, back plates and planters. It is made of high quality material tested to be waterproof and light so it can easily be carried by its aluminum back plate. The aluminium back plate looks really chic and the ultimate advantage is that they produce customized colors by the order.

After having made the prototype Vanzha embarked on an exciting journey on Kickstarter to raise funds through pre-orders. You can back them up HERE.

Vanzha-planters-01 Vanzha-02

Exploded-view Vanzha+Planters Vanzha-planters-02 Vanzha-planters-03 Vanzha-planters-07 Vanzha-planters-08(Photo Credits: www.vanzha.com)