Best Backyard Office Sheds

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There’s nothing like a global pandemic to make you re-evaluate your relationship with the home office, right?

COVID-19 sent hundreds of millions of office workers home for multiple months, and as of this writing, nothing has returned back to normal yet.

The silver lining? 

For those with a backyard, no matter how big or small, there’s a ripe opportunity to build an office right in your backyard.

Is there anything more magical than the thought of throwing on your athleisure-wear and taking the 20-step commute to the office in the morning sun at 9 AM?

Nope, that’s just about the dream for most people.

Even for those rip-roaring and ready to get back to the main office to synergize with the team, the new reality means a partial or majority of time will still be spent working from home.

Might as well build a well-designed outdoor home office that fulfills all your needs and makes you get even more work done in less time.

Backyard Office vs Office Shed

If “office shed” sounds low-brow to you, well just know that it’s a term that will greatly help you narrow down your search.

Given the pandemic has sprung up on us, we’re assuming most people want something ready to go – a plug and play backyard office that doesn’t require permits, contractors, and months of planning.

The best bet is prefab office sheds that can either be shipped for you to set up on your own, or pros can do it for you in under a few days.

We’ll leave the construction specifics up to the companies providing those details, we’re here for inspiration.

So with that, let’s dive into some of our favorite home office sheds we’ve found online.

1. The Bunkie: Premier Deluxe – Top Shelf Design & No Permits

For those who take architecture seriously, The Bunkie was built for you. Originally conceived as an extended living space on a beautiful Canadian plot of land, they’ve become flexible spaces for many uses.

With wall to wall glass, these are perfect to stick in the shaded area of your yard to get the perfect balance of lighting and screen glare reduction.

Best part about The Bunkie product? No need for permits anywhere in North America.

Pricing is around $42,000 (depending on Canadian dollar conversion).


  • Double glass wall in the front and back
  • Dual airflow vents
  • Insulated walls and floors
  • UV coasted maple plywood interior panels
  • Optional wall bed, luxury flooring, wall shelving

View The Bunkie Premier Deluxe

2. QualitySheds Studio Shed – Practical Modern Office Sheds

The Studio Shed models from QualitySheds are a good balance of modern design and fair pricing. With sizes ranging from 8 x 10′ up to 12 x 24′, there’s a good amount of options for different backyard sizes. Pricing starts at $5,595 and ranges up to $11,995. A starter shed under $6,000 including delivery and installation is a pretty solid deal. While not standard, the above image shows a custom redwood deck, which adds a premium look and a must-have if it’s in the budget.


  • French door
  • 2/12 roof pitch
  • 7′ interior low wall height
  • 2 x 6 fascia
  • 12″ roof overhang at front
  • 6″ overhang in the rear and sides
  • Many customization options and other product lines
  • Pricing includes delivery and installation – very convenient

View more on SocalSheds

3. YardPods – Turnkey Backyard Pods Ready to Go

They’re not sheds – they’re pods. Much cooler, yea, maybe we should start going with that.

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, this company offers turnkey or custom options. We love the modern look of most of these, and the placement and finishing options have a big impact on the final look. So choose wisely.

These won’t be cheap, as fully installed pricing is around $28,000 in the Bay Area


  • All windows, doors, finishes, and paint is complete before delivery
  • Finishes include SmartSide, plywood, vertical cedar, and more
  • Electricity built-in as well
  • 6 window configurations
  • Four 120 sq ft options, from 10 x 12′ flat roof to 8 x 15′ sloped

View more on YardPods