3 Tips for Prolonging the Life and Beauty of Your Home’s Deck

3 Tips for Prolonging the Life and Beauty of Your Home's Deck

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3 Tips for Prolonging the Life and Beauty of Your Home's Deck

A deck is something that can make your home more appealing and comfortable. It can give you a place to host parties and a place to simply sit while you watch the stars or enjoy a cool summer’s eve.

The problem that most people face is that they’re not so sure about how they should take care of their decks. This results in these beautiful pieces of architecture deteriorating faster than they should, which in turn, makes them less desirable to use.

The good news is that keeping your deck in pristine condition isn’t some amazing feat. You can accomplish this by following the simple tips and tricks listed below.

1. Regularly Wash Your Deck

Keeping your deck clean extends its life exponentially. It deters wood deterioration by removing stray wood fibers while ensuring that your wood stays beautiful by removing any gunk, tar, sap or other contaminants that could stain it.

If you want to be sure that your deck is cleaned properly, then you should use a professional company like Renew Crew, found at www.renewcrewclean.com. They know how to clean your wood without damaging it, and they can apply professional treatments that make your wood last that much longer.

2. Fix Popped Nails

As wood ages, the fibers will eventually weaken. This can allow the deck to shift, which in turn allows nails that would otherwise be holding the wood securely to pop free.

It’s important to fix any popped-up nails as soon as you find them. They can allow moisture and other unfriendly things to seep into areas that they shouldn’t be able to, which in turn results in faster degradation of your deck.

To fix nails that have popped up, remove them and replace them with a longer screw. This will reinforce the natural seal of the wood while ensuring that the structural integrity of your deck stays sound.

3. Repair Damaged Wood

Split or cracked boards, worn wood and water-damaged lumber all fall into the category of damaged wood. Replacing and repairing these types of problems will help to ensure that your deck stays beautiful, functional and safe.

You can generally replace the boards yourself, or you can hire a deck repair company to do it for you. Just be sure to understand that new wood may appear somewhat different from the aged wood on your deck, which may result for some discrepancies in size and color.

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