7 Tips for Customizing Your Deck

7 Tips for Customizing Your Deck

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7 Tips for Customizing Your Deck

Is your deck just sitting there, unused even in the summertime? That’s a lot of useful space that’s being ignored! These tricks and tips will help you to customize your patio without breaking the bank.

1. Add a shaded area, like a pergola, so that you can enjoy the outdoors without risking a sunburn. If you just need a temporary shaded area, hang a cotton tarp using metal clips.

2. Add extra seating by adding a bench to the perimeter of the deck. If you have leftover boards from your deck, put them together to make seating. (This tip works best if you have a low deck that doesn’t require a railing.)

3. Stain a wooden floor to set the atmosphere. Your deck furniture and decor can complement the color of the stain. Then, you can paint part of the deck to create a cool design.

4. Afraid your neighbors will be spying on your and your friends? Put up a lattice, which offers protection without blocking out the breeze. For a more modern look, use old shutters for blockage. If you need more coverage, turn a privacy fence into a vertical garden – you’ll have something pretty to look at and nobody will be able to peer through it.

5. If you live in an urban area, you may be dying for some nature. Surround your deck with huge plants to get closer to Mother Nature. If you have a high deck, add planter boxes to the railings – you can even grow your own herb garden this way!

6. There’s no reason to make your deck off limits once the sun goes down. Add some lighting with carriage lights to illuminate the space. You can also find lights that go on the floor to make pathways and steps safer to navigate.

7. If you have a high deck, you can create even more outdoor space by adding furniture to the area below the deck. Plus, that area will be automatically shaded!

Learn more about customizing your deck and creating an exterior space that you truly love.

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