Elegant family home in Iran

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Elegant family home in Iran1

With its wooden and geometric sculptural façade, the “Afsharian”  house brings a fresh and modern architecture in the Kermanshah quarter in Iran. This three-floor family house with an area of 312 square meters was created by the Iranian architecture studio “ReNa design”.

The couple that owns the house wanted a family home that could be equally divided between their two children. Therefore, the object is divided into two units and allows the current structure and interior to be easily be transformed into separate apartments.

Guided by the idea of a simple building with a striking facade, “ReNa design” created a house in the form of a square with a slit in it, imagined to look like a sculpture. The building retains the traditional concept with respect for pedestrians, since it is leaning back so as not to interfere with the passers-by, but also leaves room for greenery.

The wood prevails on the exterior as well as in the interior, bringing warm, relaxed atmosphere in the family home. In the spacious interior, the wood is combined with red brick, a combination that follows modern trends and makes a mixture of industrial and rustic style.

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(Photo Credits: Reza Najafian, Mohamad Hosein Hamzehlouei)

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