Helsinki University main library with a impressive architecture

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Helsinki University Main Library is the largest academic library in Finland and at the same time, one of the most impressive architectural marks that decorate the heart of the urban center of Helsinki.

From an architectural perspective this object links modern and traditional style with the idea of a unique public educational building that will fully fit in the urban environment.

The spectacular building elicits stares and sighs from every angle with its brick and glass facade with fluid forms designed by the architectural studio Anttinen Oiva Arkkitehdit. The library with its brick facade fits with the adjacent buildings and acts as a piece of the brick puzzle, while on the other side it stands out among them with modern fluid lines and arched glass surfaces. The arched glass openings offer a picture of what is inside the modern library.

The interior is organized on several floors that are designed as spiral which gives additional space and height. The library acts as a hypnotic architectural structure with spiral interior structure that mesmerizes the visitors. The grandiose space consists of many areas for education and socialization of students. There are spaces for team and individual work, some are open and shared, while others are enclosed and intimate. The interior is dominated by white paint and offers plenty of light, which is a great advantage in designing educational and social spaces in which students need to feel comfortable.

(Photo Credits: Mika Huisman)

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