House in Vietnam with a green rooftop garden

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Sometimes summer awakens our desire to enjoy lying under the starry sky on the rooftop of some house. Such moments are a reality for one family in Vietnam whose house has modern stepped rooftop garden.

Designed by the famous architectural studio “Vo Trong Nghia”, the house is dominated by the greenery in the on the rooftop garden, backyard and the indoor garden. The family wanted a home with a spacious garden and greenery, but due to the location of the house the idea was to make a rooftop garden where they can rest during the day or to organize great summer parties.

The main challenge was how to create this garden, because according to the construction criteria every house in the area must have a stepped roof, half of it covered in gray or terracotta tiles. That’s why the roof is like a cascade, with parallel levels and covered with green and gray tiles.

This way the roof looks like a fun green public park. Its stepped shape makes the house visually connected to the surrounding mountains.

Apart from the rooftop garden, architects created a small internal garden, visually linked to the dining room and living room that complements the natural note throughout the space.

The interior is simple, dominated by the white walls and the pastel tones of the wooden furniture as a key material for the largest part of the furniture, floors and ceilings.

house-in-vietnam-with-a-green-rooftop-garden1 house-in-vietnam-with-a-green-rooftop-garden5 house-in-vietnam-with-a-green-rooftop-garden3 house-in-vietnam-with-a-green-rooftop-garden4 house-in-vietnam-with-a-green-rooftop-garden6house-in-vietnam-with-a-green-rooftop-garden2

(Photo Credits: Hiroyuki Oki)

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