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With over hundred categories, the A’ Design Award and Competition is the world’s largest design competition held every year to recognize and honor the best in design concepts and products. The competition was developed after a scientific research study based on the analysis of other design competitions and survey of over five-hundred designers who take part in those competitions.

The A’ Design Award and Competition provides a fair and competitive platform for designers, studios and companies to showcase their new design concepts to the world. It brings together the designers, companies and the press to promote the good design.

Following are the major categories covered by the A’ Design Award and Competition.

Good Industrial Design – The Good Industrial Design Award is given to new product designs and concepts in various categories such as furniture design, lighting design, homeware and home appliances, etc.

Good Architecture Design – The Good Architecture Design Award is given to planning and designing more functional, aesthetical and durable and buildings. The award covers architecture, Interior space and exhibition design, Landscape planning and garden design and urban planning.

Good Product Design – It is awarded to a good product design that is socially responsible with the least amount of negative impact to the society and environment, “before, after and during use”. The award covers pet supplies and products, food, beverage and culinary design, disposable and single use products, etc.

Good Communication Design – The Good Communication Design Award covers packaging design, home appliances design, limited edition products, etc.

Good Service Design – The award aims to recognize and honor the activity of planning and organizing workforce, infrastructure, communication and material components of a non-tangible product (i.e. service).

Good Fashion Design – The Good Fashion Design Award covers best design concepts in fashion, apparel and garment design, footwear, jewelry, watch design, etc.

Check out all the categories of A’ Design Award and Competition.

For an young designer or a studio, winning A’ Design Award has many benefits.

A’ Design Award Trophy – Designers will receive a beautiful trophy that is realized by 3D metal printing. The trophy is made of stainless steel and is gold or bronze plated depending on the award level.

Winning designers will receive a 3D metal printed trophy

The Exhibition – The selected award winning designs will be exhibited at the MOOD – Museum of Outstanding Design. The designers will also receive an Exhibition Certificate.

The Yearbook – The award winning design concepts and products will be featured in the Winner Designs year book. Every award-winning designer will receive a complimentary copy of the book during the Gala-Night or Exhibition for free.

A’ Design Award and Competition Winner Designs year book

PR and Publicity – The biggest benefit for the award winning designer is the amount of publicity their design receives. The award winning design concepts and products will be featured in both print and electronic media. It will help the designers and companies to promote and sell their products.

Gala Night and Winners – The award winners will get free invitation tickets to a very special event where the winners of the competition come together to celebrate the results of the competition.

Gala Night and Winners

World Design Rankings – World Design Rankings ranks all the countries based on the number of awards won the designers and companies. By winning, you will help your country rank better.

Designers Rankings – Award winning designers will get points that will help them improve their position in Designer Rankings. Being top in the rank means you will be noticed by the press and product companies.

A’ Design Award Logo – Award winning designers and companies can use A’ Design Award Logo on their products and packaging. It will give good value to the products and results in higher sales.


Inclusion in Business Network – Winners and Participants get two types of business opportunities, AOD – Association of Design and A’ Design Award and Competition Business Network. This will help the designers and companies to grow their business network

Option to Sell Winning Designs – You can also sell your award winning designs and products via A’ Design Award Sale Listings. The A’ Design Award provides three types of services. First one is the “Salone del Designer” which allows the designers to list and sell their award winning concepts. Second one is called “Design Mega Store”, which allows award winners to sell award winning products, art works or craft items. Third is “Buy Sell Design” platform where designers and architects can sell creative services and get design contracts.

Each design entry will be judged by an international jury panel composed of design professionals, academics and press members.

The deadline for regular submissions to this year’s A’ Design Award and Competition is September 30. Results will be announced to public on April 15. We will publish the results on our blog on April 15.

You can register and submit your design concepts and products for the competition. To know more about the competition, click here.

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