Winners of A’ Architecture Design Award 2014

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A’ Design Award & Competition is a perfect platform for young architects and designers to showcase their latest design concepts and products. It is the world’s largest competition aimed to promote and highlight best design concepts in architecture, furniture, lighting and many other fields. Here we bring you some of the award winning projects from the 2014 A’ Architecture Design Award. Also check out A’ Furniture Design Award 2014 winners.

The Ring by Marwan Zgheib


The Ring by Marwan Zgheib is a private living and working space concept designed for a young Saudi jewellery artist. The concept consists of a cylindrical volume embracing a rectangular one. The rectangular module houses the functional areas of the house such as a bedroom, a bathroom, a living room, a kitchen and an atelier.

School of Technology by Nuno Montenegro


The new building for School of Technology by Nuno Montenegro features a massive portico that floats over the school gardens. The portico is a result of two programmatic requirements of the project, the need to create a corporate iconic image, and the inclusion of a set of amphitheatres.

Rising Moon by Stanley Siu


Rising Moon by Stanley Siu is a temporary pavilion designed to serve as an attraction during the 2013 Hong Kong Mid-Autumn Festival. The architect has re-interpreted the traditional paper lanterns with recycled plastic water bottles.

Hotel Indigo Hong Kong Island by Aedas


Hotel Indigo Hong Kong Island by Aedas is a high rise building located in Hong Kong. The selective installation of the burnished bronze solar fins to the façade creates a form resembling the image of a dragon wrapping the building.

Xian Jiaotong-Liverpool University by Aedas


The architecture of the Xian Jiaotong-Liverpool University by Aedas was inspired by the famous Taihu stone with a porous nature. The building serves as a dynamic gathering place for students and staff. The laboratories are located on the east of building and the classrooms in the north.

Screen House by Hannan Khair


As the name indicates, the Screen House by Hannan Khair features large screens on the facade. The screen acts as a shade from the sun and also provides privacy for the inhabitants. The stairwell acts as an airwell with open skylight and ventilation vents to improve the air circulation in the house.

Malopolska Garden of Arts by Ingarden & Ewý Architects Ltd


The MGA Performing arts centre & mediatheque by Ingarden & Ewý Architects Ltd fits to the surrounding environment by maintaining the lines of the roof and divisions of the façades in line with the neighbouring buildings.

General Department of Information System by Agi Architects


The architectural concept AGi architects in collaboration with Bonyan Design is based on three principles: representativeness, security and functionality.

Organic Cities by Luca Curci


The Organic Cities by Luca Curci is a concept of futuristic cities based on studying symbols and meanings of each element. The buildings are shaped like half-moon, a symbol which represents the energy and the power of the Arab world.

The Star by Aedas


The Star by Aedas is designed like an organic object opening to public discovery. The building features a multi-faceted and dynamic design. The faceted glass fissures dissolve big masses and create a dynamic composition of positive and negative spaces.

Family Center by Seyed Ali Alavi


Family Center by Seyed Ali Alavi is a fashion store located in Mazandaran, Noor, Iran. The design idea for the building comes from the nomadic architecture of the region with similar materials and contexture.

Grapevine House by Peter Stasek


The digital fabricated sculpture of a grapevine root acts as a single supporting column for this concept for a wine testing facility by Peter Stasek.

Meditation House by Marwan Zgheib


The Meditation House concept by Marwan Zgheib is a private retreat blending into its natural rocky surrounding. The house and the adjacent prayer hall create a dialogue with both nature and God, reflecting the owner’s relationship with nature and God.

Absolute Box by Anna Rita Emili


Absolute Box by Anna Rita Emili is a self-sustaining post-disaster house made of two structural steel frames enveloping a volume of plasterboard panels. The prototype is fitted with photovoltaic panels and a 300-litre water tank.

Trish House Yalding by Matthew Heywood


Architect Matthew Heywood composed the building structure with raking columns to reflect the surrounding woodland. The large expanses of glass fill the gaps between the structural columns.

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