Workshop with spacious windows and stunning views in Northern Italy

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A beam of light can drastically change the character of the interior. A good example of this is the renovated house and workshop of an Italian sculptor in Northern Italy, designed and carried out by Messner Architects.

The main element that changes the whole atmosphere in the space are the three new spacious windows placed on the three walls of the house, through which penetrates a large influx of daylight, which is much needed by the sculptor. At the same time it opens the interior to the spacious yard and relaxing greenery, which inspires and soothes during work and rest time.

The internal space is divided into three parts, a small warehouse and two working rooms. The two working rooms are reached through several steps, made from light wood. The interior is simple, minimalist without any special decor. It is deliberately uncluttered to leave more space for work. Wood is used for the whole interior – the floors, the ceilings and the stairs, improves the space, giving it natural warmth that lives harmoniously along with the spacious greenery in the yard.

(Photo Credits: Meraner & Hauser)


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