Bed 42 by Manadaº Architecture

Bed 42 1

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Bed 42 1

Mexican-German architectural and interior design studio Manadaº has designed the Bed 42. It is a unique combination of a bed and a desk. The bed design has won the Interior Innovation Award 2012 at the imm cologne. Following is a description from the designers, “The Bed 42 is a materialization of multiple explorations by Manadaº. By mixing a bed and a desk in one product, they explore the flexibility of use of everyday objects; keeping always as a priority the aspiration to create quality products that are both sustainable – in an economical, social and environmental way – and timeless in their design.

Bed 42 2

The design of the Bed 42 reflects the creative DNA of the partners’ nationalities, from one side the precision that characterizes German design, and on the other side the handcrafting skills of Mexican artisans. The bed has been manufactured in 4 weeks without any machine fabrication by using 2 inches certified solid walnut wood and local handcraft labor.”

Bed 42 3

Bed 42 4

Bed 42 5

Bed 42 6

Bed 42 7

Image Courtesy: Manadaº


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