2014 A’ Furniture Design Award Winners

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A’ Design Award & Competition is the world’s largest design competition for young designers, studios and companies. The competition aims to promote and highlight the best design concepts and products in furniture, lighting, architecture and many other fields. The competition connects designers, companies and the press to promote good design. We bring you the winners of 2014 A’ Furniture Design Award.

Baan by Mr. Paitoon Keatkeereerut Mr.chawin Hanjing


Baan, “a home” in Thai language, is a dinner set cupboard inspired by the atmosphere of dinner time in the warm family. The house-shape of the Baan makes everyone feel relaxed and at home while dining.

Una by Conor McDonald


Una is a light yet sturdy side table made of flexible plywood and glass. The designer has combined the strength and flexibility of plywood and the tension achieved through precise design to create an elegant side table.

Duna by Mula Preta Design


Duna lounge chair takes its inspiration from the organic profile of dunes surrounding Natal. The chair is made of certified wood and finished with freijó. The unique organic shape makes this furniture unit a comfortable lounge chair as well as a decorative sculpture.

Barbecue by Ginevra Grilz


The Barbecue stool which looks like a space ship from another world is the expression of a design based on the philosophy of dematerialization. The stool is made of varnished tubular steel with cotton cushion. The lightweight stool is available in different colors.

Flux by Studio Integrate Mehran Gharleghi, Amin Sadeghy


Flux Table by Mehran Gharleghi and Amin Sadeghy of Studio INTEGRATE fuses the legacy of Islamic art with contemporary modes of computation. The geometrical pattern of the table is derived from “Toranj”, a mathematical pattern used in Iranian Architecture.

Folded Tones by Enoch Liew


The unique three dimensional look of the Folded Tones rug wants to challenge the simple and boring fact that the all rugs are inherently flat. To create an illusion of depth, the designer has used an abstract pattern of simple repetitive lines in three colors.

Trifold by Max Hauser


Designer Max Hauser’s Trifold is a multifunctional furniture unit that acts as a table, stool, trestle or a plinth based on the arrangement. The unique design allows you to use it in different interior settings.

Charchoob by Arash Shojaei


The Charchoob chair is a multifunctional furniture unit that tries to meet the different cultures while maintaining a simple form. The unique design allows you to use it as a dining room chair, an armchair or as an office chair.

Marken Desk by Claudio Sibille


Designer Claudio Sibille has combined the Scandinavian design with the face of animation character Wall-E to create a simple yet unique desk. The desk has two front drawers and two storage compartments on the top.

Ydin by Franck Divay


The Ydin stool is a result of experimenting with Ultra High Performance Concrete molding possibilities. Thanks to a simple interlocking system, you can assemble the stool without using any special tools. The legs are made of scrap wood and the seat is molded in fiber-reinforced concrete.

Portuguese Roots by Alexandre Caldas


As the name suggests, the inspiration for the Portuguese Roots chair comes from the traditional Portuguese chair from 1953 and the relation of the designer with its history. The chair is built using natural wood, cork and finished with natural oils.

More _light by Giorgio Caporaso


More_Light by Giorgio Caporaso is a modular furniture system that can be arranged in many different ways to suit your needs. You can create bookcase, shelving, panel walls, display stands, wall units, as well as seats or tables using the square modular units.

Bessa by Simon Reynaud


The organic shape of Bessa lounge chair is a result of symbiosis between technology and sensitivity. The chair is made from solid wood using latest technology in woodworking and refinement of materials.

Turf Rug Lounger by Masuo Fujimura


The Turf Rug Lounger consists an artificial grass rug, a comfortable lounge chair and a small side table. The concept combines the rug and lounge chair to create a private space inside your living room. The unique design brings the atmosphere of a green garden inside your living room.

Baralho by Flávio Melo Franco


Baralho armchair by Flávio Melo Franco is made of brushed aluminum plate. The design was inspired by the aesthetic lightness of a house of cards. The chair features a minimal design with straight lines.

5×5 by Barbara Princic


The 5×5 chair by Barbara Princic is a typical design project where the limitation is recognized as a challenge. The seat and backrest are made of xilith which is very difficult to shape.

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