Volume Furniture Series by Outofstock for Foundry

Volume Furniture Collection 1

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Volume Furniture Collection 1

Outofstock has designed the Volume Sofa collection for Singapore-based furniture brand Foundry. In designer’s words, “We were asked by Foundry to design a compact sofa that would be suitable for both the home and contract market. We looked to contemporary architecture for inspiration, and we observed in some buildings the beauty of suspended volumes that appeared to be hovering above the ground. This got us thinking and we tried to use this contrast between a generous volume and thin structural elements in the design of our sofa.

Volume Furniture Collection 2

We used solid wood for the legs of the sofa, so as to bring some warmth to the environment it is placed in, be it an office lobby or a home. We deliberately wanted the legs to “pinch” the sofa, the soft bulges giving it an inviting, almost delicious quality.”

Volume Furniture Collection 3

Image Courtesy: Outofstock

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