Exciting interior in the heart of Paris

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The extravagant style and sophistication of Paris are reflected in the interior of French interior designer Florence Lopez in the heart of Paris. The interior has warm, vibrant colors, elegant pieces of furniture, artwork and antiques. Just step into it and feel like you’re in one of the beautiful museums the city of light and fashion.

Lopez designed the homes of actress Charlotte Gainsbourd actor Gerard Depardieu and the musicians of Daft Punk. She lives in fascinating orderly, spacious apartment in a building from the 17th century in Paris. Thanks to the dynamic nature of her home, she constantly changed and rearranges it. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal she said that the interior has been redesigned 18 times in the last 24 years.

The room is elegantly designed but with a note of the boho freedom with the vivid colors in the space. As Lopez emphasized, she sees her home as a temporary residence, a place that is constantly changing, so with each redesign she conveys a great sense of hedonistic enjoyment in all colors, thoughts and scents of life.

“The space is nothing without fluidity and atmosphere,” said Lopez.

Her distinctive style and deliberate design make the interior a real exotic delight for the senses. Nothing in the space is boring and monotonous, each section is a separate story and journey. The living room features a large mural on the wall, complemented by creative retro couch and armchair, all in a relaxing blue-gray shades. A striking piece is the large wooden bookshelf in vintage style with a special noble character.

The interior is modern and fun, but also challenging and inspiring for all senses.

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