15 Halloween Home Decor Ideas for 2021

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It’s that time of year again. The calendar flipped from September to October, and now we’re craving bottomless pumpkin spice lattes, watching Hocus Pocus on repeat, and lighting fall-scented candles in every room. 

If you’re like us and Halloween season makes you want to redecorate your home in a way that Morticia would approve of, we’ve got a huge haul of products to pick from. Find amazing black candles, spooky prints, and more to decorate your house this Halloween and all year round. 

1. Eldnacele Halloween Flickering Candles


Top Features: 

  • Battery-powered
  • Safer than real candles
  • Automatic timer mode

Ok, who doesn’t love candles? Though we’ll admit, having multiple lit candles around the house isn’t always practical (or kid-friendly). These real wax candles run on battery, meaning you can worry less about the spooky decorations and spend more time planning fun Halloween activities. 

While most reviewers loved the design and vibe of these candles, a few people noted issues with the placement of the decals and functionality of the candles. 

View Eldnacele Halloween Flickering Candles on Amazon

2. PSDWETS Fall Halloween Decor Throw Pillow Covers


Top Features: 

  • Cotton-linen blend 
  • Machine-washable
  • Invisible zipper

Can’t fit another throw pillow in your home? When you’re ready to upgrade your decor for fall, just slip these Halloween-themed covers over your existing cushions for a brand-new look. The machine-washable pillow set includes four quirky designs that you can use on your own or mix and match with other solid-color or patterned pillows (we recommend buffalo plaid). 

People who bought these cases were happy with the designs, quality, and value for the price, though a few people mentioned the seams were not as durable as they could have been. 

View PSDWETS Fall Halloween Decor Throw Pillow Covers on Amazon

3. Artmag Artificial White Pumpkins

Top Features: 

  • Set of 12
  • Great for crafts
  • Multiple sizes

When it comes to how many pumpkins is too many pumpkins in your fall decor, we think the limit does not exist. This set from Artmag lets you add pumpkins of varying sizes to any surface or space that needs just a little more autumnal flare. Better yet, these pumpkins are great for any Halloween craft projects you’ve got planned. 

A few reviewers mentioned receiving fewer than 12 pumpkins and some damage on the ones they did receive, though most others loved the quality and assortment. Others also found the pumpkins smaller than they expected, so be sure to check the sizes to make sure they fit your needs.

View Artmag Artificial White Pumpkins on Amazon

4. Legend of Sleepy Hollow Pumpkin Spice Scented Candle

Top Features: 

  • Long burn time 
  • Soy wax and cotton wick
  • Seasonal scent

If you need us, we’ll be in the bathroom smelling this candle and hiding from our adult responsibilities. But seriously, this soy wax candle’s scent—a mix of pumpkin and spices—is the smell we want in our home the whole month of October. 

The candle delivers that whole gothic romance vibe, and with a 55-60-hour burn time, you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy it. While reviews were few on this product, which comes from a small business in New Jersey, most reviewers loved the seasonal aroma of the candle. 

View Legend of Sleepy Hollow Pumpkin Spice Scented Candle on Amazon

5. Suck UK Skull Organizer Box

Top Features: 

  • Eclectic design 
  • Versatile
  • Keeps small items tidy

Raise your hand if you never really left your goth phase behind. If that describes you, you just might love this sturdy skull-shaped box. Use it in your entryway to hold keys and other doodads, organize jewelry in it, or add it to your mantle or living room table decor — the options are endless around Halloween. 

Reviewers gushed over the design and quality of this piece, and some even offered innovative ideas for how to use it (goth bar storage, anyone?). 

View Suck UK Skull Organizer Box on Amazon

6. YUCH Black Taper Candles

Top Features: 

  • Sleek and refined
  • 10 hours of burn time
  • Use for Halloween or other occasions

There’s nothing quite as spooky and elegant as a black taper candle. Use these to illuminate your mantle or dining room for Halloween parties and beyond. 

The seller advertises 10 hours of burn time, though some reviewers thought that was a bit of an exaggeration. Otherwise, customers generally liked these budget-friendly candles with one important caveat. Several reviewers noted these candles were not drip-free as advertised, so keep this in mind when ordering and placing them. 

View YUCH Black Taper Candles on Amazon

7. NomadCraftsCo. Leather Journal


Top Features: 

  • Rustic, vintage-looking paper
  • Thick leather cover
  • 1-year replacement guarantee

So maybe you don’t have the time to go scouring dusty antique stores for the perfect, hand-crafted vintage journal—but who does? That’s where this leather journal comes in. Perfect as a guest book for Halloween parties, goth weddings, and more, the journal features 140 antique-look pages and a thick leather cover with a wraparound strap. 

With a lot of positive reviews, most reviewers loved the quality of the item they ordered and even mentioned that customer support was on hand to help with any returns. However, some people didn’t feel that the product matched the advertising, so make sure to look at pictures and thoroughly read the reviews before buying. 

View NomadCraftsCo. Leather Journal on Amazon

8. T4U Black Ceramic Skull-Shaped Succulent Planter

T4U Skull Succulent Planter Pots Set of 3, Gothic Caramic Planter, Creative Plant Lover Gifts for...
It's sleek and oozing with style, your plants will look amazing on this planter.

Top Features: 

  • Use for plants or organizing
  • Polished finish
  • Sturdy ceramic

If you ever found yourself drooling over the conservatory in the Practical Magic house, this may be a wonderful addition to your Halloween decor. Use this set of three petite (roughly 3.5”x2.5”) skull-shaped planters to house your favorite succulents or cacti, or repurpose them as storage for jewelry and other small trinkets. 

According to reviewers, the planters are adorable and well-made, though serious gardeners should know that they do not come with a drainage hole. 

View T4U Black Ceramic Skull-Shaped Succulent Planter on Amazon

9. Gavia Skull Candle Set

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Top Features: 

  • Goth design 
  • Multiple shapes
  • Includes a lunar calendar poster

In search of more ways to add skulls to our decor, we found this skull-shaped candle, and we’re sold. The solid black, forest-scented skull comes with three other candles — a vertebrae-shaped piece and two votives — and a lunar calendar. 

Add these candles to your bathroom, entryway, office, or anywhere else you need a minimal, spooky touch. Even a customer that was self-admittedly not a review person surfaced to gush over the color, detail, and scent of the candle set. 

View Gavia Skull Candle Set on Amazon

10. Cornucopia Brands Black Glass Apothecary Bottles

Top Features: 

  • Matte black coating
  • Includes vintage labels
  • Multi-use

Halloween decorations don’t have to be outright scary or gruesome to make a big impact. That’s why we love these simple, iconic apothecary bottles. The matte black bottles look great on their own or with the creepy, old-timey labels included with purchase. 

Reviewers used these cork-top bottles for hand soap, mantle displays, essential oil diffusing, and more. However, be aware that some customers had issues with the labels staying in place and others received broken bottles, which is always a potential risk when shipping glass. 

View Cornucopia Brands Black Glass Apothecary Bottles on Amazon

11. Dremisland Dream Catcher Evil Eye Dream Catchers

Top Features: 

  • Evil eye design
  • Fits Halloween or boho decor 
  • Great as a gift 

Of all the items in this article, this evil eye dreamcatcher is one you’ll definitely want to display year-round. The all-black, boho piece purportedly keeps out both bad dreams and bad vibes (who doesn’t want that?), and it would look great on its own or with a collection of framed prints and other wall hangings. 

Most reviewers loved the look and affordability of this piece, with just a few complaining of delivery issues or product quality. 

View Dremisland Dream Catcher Evil Eye Dream Catchers on Amazon

12. Tidyki Vintage Ouija Board Tapestry

Top Features: 

  • Vintage design 
  • Colorful, high-quality 
  • Machine-washable

Consider this tapestry an homage to all the slumber parties of your youth where you totally thought you summoned a demon with an ouija board—until you got distracted by prank-calling your friends’ parents, that is. What was once a high school party trick is now super-trendy decor for your Halloween home. 

Vividly printed and machine-washable, this tapestry comes in multiple sizes, from almost 4 feet by 5 feet up to nearly 5 feet by 8 feet. All in all, past buyers felt that this product offered an excellent value for the price. 

View Tidyki Vintage Ouija Board Tapestry on Amazon

13. Yellowbird Art & Design Store Vintage Bat Print Set

Top Features: 

  • 8”x10” unframed prints
  • Designed by interior expert Cynthia Ferrara
  • Perfect for a gallery wall 

Gallery walls are a great addition to your home any time of year, and they’re easy to customize based on trends or the changing seasons. Try adding a little old-fashioned creepiness to your art collection with this set of four unframed bat prints. 

According to reviews, these prints made multiple buyers happy, and just a few people complained of inferior quality. 

View Yellowbird Art & Design Store Vintage Bat Print Set on Amazon

14. Lone Star Art Store Vintage Palm Reading Chart

Top Features: 

  • Detailed vintage design 
  • Large, 11”x14” size
  • High-quality print

Spooky decor and spooky knowledge? Sign us up. Hang this palm reading print in your home, and you just might pick up a few tidbits of information about the art of palmistry. Display this print by itself or add it to that spooky, seasonal gallery wall you’ve been building. 

There’s not a lot to complain about this high-quality, 11-by-14-inch print, according to reviewers. Even those that had low expectations, to begin with, ended up happy with their purchase. 

View Lone Star Art Store Vintage Palm Reading Chart on Amazon

15. TENGZHEN Metal Skull Bookends

Top Features: 

  • Sturdy powder-coated steel
  • Uncommon design
  • Attractive and functional

Here’s another one to file under “things you’ll keep out long after Halloween is over.” Use these skull bookends to not only keep your books upright and organized but also inject a little seasonal style into your home. 

Reviewers loved this product for the goth touch it added to their homes, but some mentioned that the bookends weren’t sturdy enough for heavier tomes. 

View TENGZHEN Metal Skull Bookends on Amazon


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