Warehouse hotel, the perfect blend of elegant and industrial design

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The interior of the new Warehouse hotel in Singapore is inspiring enough to encourage you to book your airfare to this exotic Asian island. Designed by the local design studio “Asylum”, the hotel is a perfect blend of industrial and sophisticated design.

The hotel that has a dose of elegance and luxury in every corner is located in an area of ​​old industrial warehouse. The history of the space was particularly important factor for the architects and they tried to reflect the industrial past of the object into the interior. The focus in the spatial arrangement was to protect the industrial heritage and importance, and simultaneously to display a new, fresh approach to industrial design.

The interior clearly shows the industrial spirit with its red brick walls, sophisticated furniture and creative décor with industrial note, as well as the old wooden beams supporting the ceiling. The hotel is divided in three industrial buildings formerly used as storage for spices. Although the space is clearly reminiscent of the old factory and warehouse, the interior is warm and relaxing with the excellent choice of furnishings and details.

In the lobby and bar/restaurant that are merged into one the old brick wall and dark wooden supporting beams are left unchanged. The ceiling boards are covered with white paint that refresh and soften the harsh industrial environment. The furniture is in industrial style, mainly a combination of leather and metal. Each piece is sophisticated and offers high aesthetic sense in the space and comfort for the guests.

This space is even more interesting thanks to industrial and decorative lighting installation of old machinery wheels and gears, which is hanging from the ceiling above the tables, sofas and the long marble bar.

The same aesthetics and a mix of industrial elements with sophisticated furnishings with retro and industrial notes is present in the guest rooms. The interior of the rooms is elegant and minimalist, with comfortable pieces of furniture for sleeping, working and relaxation. The rooms are a combination of bright and darker, calm tones.

The entire hotel is an exciting design fairy tale for the lovers of modern industrial design.

(Photo Credits: www.thewarehousehotel.com)

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