Conquer Space With This Amazing Suspended Light

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Woodlabo, Apollo 8 Command Module 6


As we approach the anniversary of the Apollo 8 mission (21 / 27 December 1968), we present the last suspension of Woodlabo, Apollo 8 Command Module. This cool looking suspended light by designer Gaël Wuithier is inspired by the NASA of the 1960s.

The command module was where the astronauts spent their time during the mission apart from when one of them went down to the moon. The external wooden branches form a conical shape, assembled at the ends with 2 aluminium discs. Woodlabo advocates a Made in Earth production, which combines the finest skills and materials from different countries.

Woodlabo’s creations tell a story about people who fixed their eyes on the stars and never ever gave up on their dream to attain the unreachable.Woodlabo, Apollo 8 Command Module3

Woodlabo, Apollo 8 Command Module2

Woodlabo, Apollo 8 Command Module 4Woodlabo, Apollo 8 Command Module 5Woodlabo, Apollo 8 Command Module 7

(Photo Credits: http://www.woodlabo.com/)

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