Lightspot Wall Lamp by Robert Stadler

Lightspot wall lamp 1

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Lightspot wall lamp 1

Paris-based designer Robert Stadler has created a series of wall lights called the Lightspot. The lighting series was recently displayed at the Carpenters Workshop Gallery. In designer’s words, “The somewhat weird idea behind ‘Lightspot’ is to materialize the immaterial. The colored aluminum plates correspond to an actual lightspot projected onto the wall by a miniature LED lamp.

The various layers shade off in the same way the light does. They are coated with a particularly reflecting paint, giving the illusion that the plates themselves are light emitting. ‘Lightspot’ can be placed in different directions according to the user wish. By moving the object he will experience a strange feeling of being able to hold light in his hands.”

Lightspot wall lamp 2

Lightspot wall lamp 3

Lightspot wall lamp 4

Image Courtesy: Carpenters Workshop Gallery

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