Motorlight Uplight Collection by Jake Dyson

Motorlight Wall 1

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Motorlight Wall 1

The Motorlight is a unique variable angle lighting collection designed by Jake Dyson. The lighting collection is available in two versions; Motorlight Wall and Motorlight Floor. Each wall lighting unit allows user to choose a beam of between 10 to 120 degrees to suit different illumination purposes or to create varying environments. In case of floor light, it is 8 to 60 degrees.

Each Motorlight unit is motorised and can be operated via a remote control which supports up to 30 uplights simultaneously. The motorised shutter of the lighting unit smoothly opens between maximum and minimum angle on a 24 second cycle. Take a look at the pictures.

Motorlight Wall 2

Motorlight Wall 3

Motorlight Wall 4

Motorlight Wall 5

Motorlight Floor 1

Motorlight Floor 2

Motorlight Floor 3

Motorlight Floor 4

Motorlight Wall Details 1

Motorlight Wall Details 2

Motorlight Wall Remote

Image Courtesy: Jake Dyson

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