Nautilus Pendant Lamp by Rebecca Asquith

Nautilus Pendant Lamp 1

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Nautilus Pendant Lamp 1

Nautilus is a beautiful pendant lamp designed by New Zealand-based designer Rebecca Asquith of Designtree. In designer’s words, “Inspired by a nautilus sea shell, the kit-set Nautilus hanging lamp shade rolls back into itself to mimic the complex organic form of the nautilus shell. When the lamp is switched on light filters through the layers of timber to give it a warm glow and provide soft illumination to the surrounding area.  A beautiful pattern is draped over surrounding surfaces contouring and subtley activating your space.

Nautilus Pendant Lamp 2

From its flat packed state the Nautilus lamp can easily be assembled within minutes to create a stunning feature lamp shade.”

Nautilus Pendant Lamp 3

Image Courtesy: Rebecca Asquith

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