Wiggle Wiggle – fun rocking lamp

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Wiggle Wiggle -  fun rocking lamp

What do you get if you combine a rocking chair with the idea for creative lighting? This fun Wiggle Wiggle lamp.

This small creative lamp is designed by the Dutch industrial designer Marcelossen Drijver, founder of the studio M.OSS design, who mainly designs and plays with different concepts for creative lighting.

The lamp has a minimalist, Scandinavian aesthetics, with a fun note. The rocking base will bring you back to your childhood memories and will offer playfulness in the space. Made from light wood, the base perfectly fits with pastel blue color of the lampshade.

Wiggle Wiggle seems like a great choice for children’s room, but also for the minimalist Scandinavian style homes that require a simple, yet fun element that can bring freshness and character in the space.

Wiggle Wiggle -  fun rocking lamp1 Wiggle Wiggle -  fun rocking lamp2 Wiggle Wiggle -  fun rocking lamp3(Photo Credits: www.mossdesign.nl)

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