Planner 5d Review for Beginners: Easy, Intuitive and Delightful Online Home Design Software

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I’m a total beginner when it comes to home design software – and I’m already in love with the possibilities after testing just a few tools.

Planner 5d was the first tool I tested and it was immediately easy to get going. I’m still learning a lot, so this review is to help anyone else just getting started and a little bit scared of diving in.

I’ve sketched out future dream homes on graph paper here and there since I was a kid – one of my most ambitious sketches included a mansion in the alps somewhere with a ski run, a wolf habitat, and a forest on the property…yea, quite the dream kid!

More recently as an apartment dweller and hopefully soon to be home owner, I’ve become more in the need for this sort of software to plan out ideal home floorplan and interior layouts.

What I love so far about Planner 5d is that you can use it for a bunch of different scenarios:

  1. Looking to redecorate just one room? Use it for that!
  2. Living in a small apartment or dorm and just need to test out a few things? Yep – easy.
  3. Planning out if the furniture will fit in your new office? Works really easily there.
  4. Remodeling kitchen? It’ll do that.
  5. Building the ultimate man cave? Yup.
  6. Full house and garden landscape design from scratch? Yes!

Here’s a pretty solid list of everything you can do. Not trying to overload you, just want to make it clear that yes it works for all of these. All of these have a free version and premium version, so you can star all of these for free then pay for select upgrades:

  • Floor plan creator
  • Bathroom planner
  • Blueprint maker
  • Room planner
  • Office design planner
  • Kitchen planner
  • Apartment floor plan creator
  • Garage floor plan creator
  • Gym design planner
  • Renovation planner
  • Studio floor plan creator
  • 3D bedroom planner

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