A modern house on water in Copenhagen

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Living on water is not so unusual in Copenhagen.

Walking around the city, along the canals, there are often small boats transformed into comfortable houses. An example of this is the modern water house sheltered at one of the Copenhagen ports of the couple, Jul-Norgård, who are also architects and interior designers. Unlike the classic boats, this house attracts with its modern architecture and overlooks the interesting horizon of the Danish capital.

The house is made with long and tall windows to offer a wonderful view. The couple has the opportunity to dive into the pure water immediately after awakening, starting the day fresh and energized. The long windows allow plenty of sunlight and warmth throughout the day, giving it the vibrancy and freshness of the space in the long, dark winter days.

The interior is divided into five parts: a bedroom, a hallway, a bathroom, a kitchen along with a dining room, living room, and a spacious terrace. The interior is minimalist, in a typical Scandinavian style. Walls of warm wood, minimal decor, Scandinavian aesthetics, some industrial details, all this is seen and felt in the spacious water home. The kitchen is in an industrial style, while in the living room and dining room there is retro-modern furniture like the popular Ames chairs.

The interior is dominated mainly by fresh, white color typical of Scandinavian interiors, with some more dynamic colors in the kitchen and the spacious yellow floor in the bathroom.

(Photo Credits: Anders Hviid)

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