Comfortable studio of 42 square meters

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A range of bright gray shades accentuated by bold yellow and pastel blue tones prevails in this studio with an area of ​​42 square meters in the Russian city of Lyubertsy. The small apartment is specially designed for a young girl who expressed her desire for a simple interior decorated with fashionable details by designers from the interior design studio EEDS.

Taking into account the small area of ​​the interior, the designers decided to open the layout of the premises. Hence they connected all the spaces into one, with no wall compartments that would further diminish and narrow the space.

The inspiration for the modern stylish interior design comes from the timeless style of the fashion icon Audrey Hepburn.

The home is comfortable and cozy, decorated with comfortable pieces of furniture and fashion decorative elements like a mannequin with a white dress in the style of Marilyn Monroe.

The rooms are visually separated through wall surfaces painted in different colors, so the bedroom is separated from the living room with a blue wall with a picture of Audrey Hepburn attached and the kitchen is highlighted with a strong yellow color.

In the corridor, which is with the same blue shade as the living room, there is a dressing corner with glamorous mirror is created, such as those in the wardrobes of the famous film and fashion stars. Everything in the interior gives you the feelings of the glamorous fashion and film world that immediately resembles the movie Breakfast At Tiffany’s.

(Photo Credits: www.eeds.ru)

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