Practical multifunctional element for small kitchens

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Small apartments require more compact and practical furnishings. Intrigued by the idea of better design for the small apartments in Vienna, Austrian designers at Bonpart ceated a fashionable multifunctional element for small and narrow kitchens.

Their element Altbau fits a kitchen area, small kitchen storage units and a table for two or three people.

The element is modern and pleasant, in fresh colors that give light and warm feeling to the kitchen. The coffee table opens and closes, saving much of the space where the kitchen table is usually placed. When used for cooking, the upper kitchen surface can be used, while the storage units are open and closed for orderly storage of things and accessories for the kitchen.

The element is made of iron, plywood and HPL panels, while the upper surface is made of wood.

(Photo Credits: www.bonpart.at)


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