House of the infinite – a perfect place to enjoy on the Spanish coast

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An infinite house for infinite enjoyment. The private family house named House of the Infinite in Spain harmoniously fits into nature. The house was designed by architect Alberto Campo Baeza, and made of white travertine, which perfectly fits the delicate natural landscape. The building is quiet, soothing, just like the view from its roof-terrace. Baeza uses the roof as a practical open terrace, in which a natural swimming pool is fitted for added enjoyment.

The house is in the form of a large horizontal plane set at a depth of 36 meters, of which 20 meters are further excavated in a rock to develop the entire building and housing space. By following this solution, the object gently rises and develops from the ground, shyly peering over to the sea surface.

The house is done with simple lines, minimalist landscaping and a bright color palette, which gives it a calm and relaxing tone.

(Photo Credits: Javier Callejas Sevilla)

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