Chilean villa with a spectacular sea view

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Designed for an uninterrupted enjoyment in nature and the aquatic scenery, The Mirador House gently lies on the hills of Punta del Gallo in Chile.

The house is left to the sounds of silence, nature and occasional calls of seagulls, far from urban noise, curious glances and big crowds, perfect for enjoying your own thoughts, long talks, walks and reading books without the constant noise of the television or mobile phones.

The large concrete building, whose raw form softens around the natural landscape, is located on an elevated platform, which offers with a better view of its surroundings and the sea. The position makes the villa look like a flower sprouting from the ground, with an equal view of both the sea and the surrounding natural landscape.

The architectural concept of the house connects three important things: basic geometry, which can be seen in the form of the building, orientation to the sun and communication with the space.

The back of the house is timidly closed, while the front fully open with towards the sea shore. The lower level houses the common rooms such as the living room, dining room and the open terrace, divided by spiral stairs leading to the roof terrace. This area allows plenty of sunlight during the day, which offers a completely natural light in the space.

(Photo Credits: Marcos Mendizabal)

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