Self-sustainable microhouse made of containers

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Architect Dachi Papuashvili from Tbilisi, Georgia, developed a concept for microhouse designed with two containers placed in the form of a cross.

A guide in developing the design of Papuashvili was the idea to create a compact microstructure that would be self-sustainable and easy to construct.

Papuashvili designed the microhouse Skit as a space that is suitable for both housing and work for one person. The house is made from two containers, one set vertically, and the other horizontally. With this plan of the structure, Skit has four floors with all the necessary spaces. On the first floor is the entrance, the second floor is the bathroom, the third floor is reserved for the living room, the bedroom, the kitchen and the dining room, while the last floor has free space which, if desired, can have different function.

The facade of the house is meant to be made of wood, and the roof is meant to be made of iron. The house will be energetically independent, producing solar energy and using rainwater.

(Image Credits: Dachi Papuashvili)

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