Hanging bedroom for a small studio in France

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Working in small, tight spaces and scarce materials often ends with more creative and innovative solutions than when working on large spaces with perfect conditions.

Chez Valentin apartment in France was transformed from a small area with bad conditions, due to the different height and level into an apartment with an added, unique hanging bedroom, which creates a real twist in the apartment.

The creative thought of the French architectural studio Emmanuel Combarel Dominique Marrec Architects was directed to such a solution after the owners insisted on a separate bedroom in this 50-square-meter studio. In order not to install walls so as not to close the space, it was strategically decided to place a hanging cube in the border area above the first and the second level to accommodate the bedroom. The hanging cube separates the space without clutching it, naturally dividing the bedroom from the dining room. The fact that it is turned around with the closed section helps preserve the privacy of the bedroom, and at the same time it offers an additional seating place. The cube has a metal structure, wood-coated, and, like the other part of the apartment, is painted white, which gives freshness to the space.

The transition from one to the other level was problematic before the renovation. The old space was a former art studio with a problematic structure because the transition to the other level was performed impractically. Architects solved the problem by simply placing steps from both sides of the lower level, so that there is a more practical connection and a natural transition from one to the other.

(Photo Credits: Gaston Bergeret)


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