Bright and vibrant 42-square meter apartment

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Imagine a one-bedroom apartment with an area of 42 square meters with a badly organized and inconvenient interior. How would you redesign it to be comfortable and pleasant for housing and at the same time bright and spacious?

An example of a home that has all these features is the one that the Russian interior design studio Space4life designed for a young couple. The small apartment is completely reconstructed and redecorated with refreshingly modern design and with many details that contribute to look wide and spacious.

The designers fully devoted themselves to the interior design of the apartment that craved a new look full of light and freshness. The team decided to merge the living room and the bedroom without imposing a conventional sofa and bed, but to perform two multifunctional and practical platforms. One is placed at one end of the space in the form of an extension of the window sill, which has a function of a sofa, a work desk and a cupboard, while the other is placed at the other end in the space and has a function of a bed, a TV stand and a mirror cabinet.

For the interior design, a bright palette was used to give the apartment a brighter atmosphere, as well as minimal and practical décor and furniture for the space to be as free as possible, rather than cluttered with heavy and bulky elements. The bright interior is complemented by furniture and décor with accentuated colors, as well as with eclectic “patchwork” tiles in the kitchen and in the bathroom. With simple elements and small details, the designers have managed to create a pleasant and bright home in which harmony rules.

(Photo Credits: www.space4life.ru)


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