Old brewery turned into a modern residential building

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An old brewery dating back to the 17th century has been restored and rebuilt into a small residential building with a total of 18 apartments in the Swedish capital of Stockholm.

One can immediately feel the old atmosphere of the brewery. In the interiors of each of the 18 modern apartments, the industrial history of the building can be deeply felt, which for almost 300 years has provided the city with delicious beers.

The renovation and conversion of the brewery was performed by the local architectural studio Waldemarson Berglund Arkitekter through the use of brick, iron, wood and copper. The materials were chosen to emphasize and embody the importance of the old beer factory in Stockholm, but at the same time they combined them with contemporary furniture and décor to create modern residential interiors.

The location of the building in the midst of lush forest foliage and overlooking the lake Melaren gives the apartments the advantage of enjoying a peaceful natural environment away from the noise in the city. The apartments stand out with a spacious area of ​​about 200 square meters in which all the spaces for comfortable housing are distributed and open to private gardens with irresistible greenery. The interiors are emphasized by the original stable walls and semicircular windows that the architects retained in the process of conversion of the factory. In the apartments with bright and relaxing interior, the elements, furniture and decor are in contemporary style.

(Photo Credits: www.wbarkitekter.se)


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