Apartment with vintage charm in an old industrial building in Chicago

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The industrial charm, combined with vintage furniture, gives a contemporary and chic look to this spacious family home in an old facility at Chicago’s telephone exchange.

The space of more than 200 square meters of old and harsh industrial space into a warm, modern home was designed by Beaux Bo Properties in cooperation with the owners of the house.

The industrial concrete walls and open electrical installation and air ducts are combined with a narrow white “subway” tiles. The white tiles create a contrast to the grayness of the walls and bring freshness and light in the space. The interior is divided into two levels, on the top there are private simple bedrooms, while on the lower level there are common rooms such as living room, open kitchen and dining room.

The bedroom is designed simply, without too many decorative pieces or special furniture. There is a small terrace on which you can relax with a view of the city.

The living room is another story. It is decorated with stylish vintage pieces of furniture and lamps from the 60’s, the 70’s and the 80’s, which incorporate the distinction and retro-atmosphere in the modern home. The kitchen is decorated with a modern kitchen islet made of steel, which adds an extra industrial charm and a wall-mounted cabinet for the proper storage of kitchen utensils and cutlery.

Designers didn’t use too much decor, and the walls are almost without artwork. The family let the industrial walls and white tiles to be the artwork in the space, giving it a special character.

(Photo Credits: www.beaubox.com)

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