Colorful school in Vicenza, Italy

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Colorful school in Vicenza, Italy

The cheerful and open school “Zugliano” in Vicenza, Italy, reflects the spirit of freedom and knowledge that every educational facility needs to offer. The leading idea of the architectural studio “5 + 1AA”, that worked on the project together with Diego Perugia and Sandro Cavalieri was to create a strong school in a strong, active community and a facility that will be aesthetically representative and functional at the same time – a safe building that will protect the children.

The school building is spacious, with an area of 3,500 square meters, which gave the architects a greater freedom of expression and ideas that will enable more activities for the students in their free time. The facade has vivid playful tones that reflect the vibrant temperament of children who attend the school.

The shape of the building is inspired by the nature around it, the horizontal lines of greenery and the hilly area. The main idea of the project was to build a representative and practical building that will be in line with the space around it, but will also enrich it through its unique features.

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