Elegant house in Madrid

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Aluminum House is a modern private house embraced by the splendor of the nature of Madrid. The house, designed like a stone cube that creates a reflective facade surface reflecting the natural environment, is the work of the architectural studio Fran Silvestre Arquitectos.

The proportions, form and materials of the Aluminum House create a complete contrast to the greenery of nature. The dominant feature is a spacious balcony that is completely open to the blue sky. The terrace with a glass front fence and high stone facade sides have function as a platform from where you can enjoy and relax during the day and in the evenings.

Contrary to the impressive dominant fa├žade that proudly rises among the dense trees, the interior of Aluminum House is simple and unobtrusive. All spaces have white walls and floors with elegant black and white marble. The architects added black elements and leather pieces of furniture with modern features that come into the fore against the white surfaces prevailing in the house.

(Photo Credits: Diego Opazo)

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