Small apartment in Milan with a Brazilian taste

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The apartment named Brazilian taste looks like a microcosm. The interior, designed by Aim Architecture, has a closed plan that offers privacy in every area, but at the same time it leaves room for interaction between the living room, the kitchen and the dining room.

The organization of the interior is concentrated around one dominant element – the “concrete cube” by which the living room is closed from three sides. Instead of a classical hallway that would completely and impractically shut down the apartment, designers skillfully and practically designed a cube around which the entire design is developed. It allows plenty of natural light in the space and creates an appropriate corner for natural greenery, which is a great passion of the owner.

In the interior of the apartment the leading color is white, which offers clarity to the space, and the abundance of green plants subtly disrupts and brings forth a wave of freshness and naturalness. Every element in the apartment, starting from the concrete cube to the furniture, is carefully and skillfully thought up to fit in the space completely.

(Photo Credits: Nicolò Parsenziani)

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